Earn Freebies with Gift Cards

Yes ! ! We Love getting Free Stuff.

Did you know you can use gift card promotions to get free stuff or larger discounts by purchasing gift cards?

Most stores or restaurants are providing incentives just to get you to purchase and give gift cards as gifts.

This new GIFT CARD promotional tactic can be used to your advantage.

This process may require a little research and planning, but if it saves you $10 or more then it’s worth the  extra effort.

First,  Look for deals and promotions that offer an incentive to purchasing gift cards.  NEXT,  purchase the gift card from the trailer.
Then,  get your reward for purchasing the gift card.  Finally,  use the gift  card to purchase your items and also use your GIFT card incentive.


Here are some examples:

Example A:
Restaurant has a special promotion if you purchase a $ 50 gift card you will get a FREE $10 gift card.

Now you can use both cards and you actually pay $40 instead of $50.

Example B:
Gas Points –  Purchase gift card in store for the amount you want to send on gas.    NEXT, go to gas station and redeem your gas points and pay using your gift card that you purchased in store.  You may already have pointed for normal shopping but this extra gift card purchase may give you the remaining points needed to get a gas discount at the pump.

Happy hunting


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