Can you trust a snake

Our pastor told a joke at church last night and it was hilarious.

There was this little boy walking into the woods one day and he sees a snake by a tree.

The snake asks the little boy to help him get up in the tree. The little boy said, ” no you’re a snake, you’ll bite me”

The snake said, “no I promise, I won’t hurt you. I just need help. I can’t get in that tree by myself. I promise I won’t hurt you”

So the boy helped the snake up in the tree and the snake said, “see I didn’t bite you.” so the snake told a little boy thank you the little boy left.

The next day little boy walked out of his house, through the woods. He saw the snake again and a snake said, ” PSSST, hey little boy help me, I need to get down from this tree.”

The little boy said, “no you’re a snake you’re going to bite me.” and then…..

The snake said, ” no I won’t I didn’t bite you the other day when you helped me. I promise I won’t bite you. I just need to get down from the tree. I can’t get down by myself I need help.”

So the little boy helped the snake out of the tree and then snake said, ” see I didn’t bite you.” and then the little boy turned to walk away.

And all of a sudden something stung the little boy on his leg.

The little boy turned around and said, ” Ouch! you bit me, I thought you said you wouldn’t bite me.” and then……

The snake told a little boy, ” what do you mean, you knew who I was when you first saw me. ”

Moral of the story, a snake will always be a snake, you can’t trust them.

Beware of all snakes, they come in various forms, but they are all still snakes.

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