Divorce Selfies

I’m not big on watching a whole lot of TV or even the news; however, the morning news is a bit more interesting than the evening news.  The evening news has much more violent stories attached to them, while the morning news has more business type-informational news.

Bing Photos
Bing Photos

This morning, while eating breakfast and sipping on a cup of coffee, I turn to the TV to hear a story about people are now jumping on board to take selfies after their divorce.

These “Divorce Selfie” photos have gone viral, Photos receiving 30K+ view/Likes.  Couples are taking selfies to make a statement that states divorce doesn’t have to be ugly.

“Celebrating the fact they can move forward,” says one gentleman.

This NEW Breakup Phenomenon on Social Media

People are claiming these selfies are taken to help the kids of the failed marriages.

Can this be a healing method to a bad situation?

What do you think?  Do you think this will help the kids? or is it a ploy to get more views on the ever so popular Social Media.?

Talk Back, let us know.

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