Debit Cards are Foo Foo


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Debit Cards are not as good for us as we might think, especially if we are trying to budget and save money.   Banks created these easy to use cards to entice us to spend more money without thinking about how much we really have to spend.   A few years ago we didn’t have anything called a debit card, especially if you didn’t have good credit.

Fast forward several years down the road and the banks have made it much easier for ANYONE to open a bank account and have a DEBIT card that works just like a credit card at just about anywhere in the world.

Banks are counting on us to use these cards instead of cash so they’ve made it much easier and readily available.  We live in a fast paced, self gratification society and the bank debit/credit card option is currently assisting us in remaining in a state of debt (defeat).  <Some words that start with the Letter ‘D’ are not good for us>

It’s the banks job to keep you in debt and it’s your job to GET OUT OF DEBT.  Don’t wait for your GET OF DEBT FREE CARD; you must take control of your destiny today.

I’m not going to tell you to tear up your card today, but I am going to tell you to get your finances in order and start using cash for just about all of your purchases.

I personally think it’s ok to use your debit/credit cards to pay your monthly bills, but for everyday use such as food, gas and groceries we should use cash.  If we use cash then we will begin to see where our money is going.

1st step is to go to your nearest Store (Quality Park #10 Business Envelopes, 4.12 x 9.5 Inches, Box of 500, White Wove (90020)) and purchase some #10 envelopes.

We will show you a way to use these envelopes to start taking control of your finances on a daily basis and we would like for you to check in with us and tell us how this method is working for you.

Simple.  One step at a time and we will conquer this feat together.

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