Coronavirus Provides Mass work at home opportunities

Coronavirus, AKA COVID-19 has made a upheaval in our lives.

The virus is a household name at this point. Malls, travels, food establishments, public sports events, schools, and colleges have all closed down.

Reluctantly, many organizations have altered their normal work structure to the work from home platform.

For some this has been a Godsend, but to others not so much.

When conducting our personal research, we have found that the older generation has welcomed this change with open arms.

Change gives them the freedom to work from home and tend to home needs as they see fit. Balance becomes much easier to this group of people.

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However, there is always a flipside to any given situation.

The younger population is not so welcoming to the idea because they have younger children at home that require more attention.

The idea and reality of working from home becomes more of a stressor when they are relying on trying to get work done and the kiddos want mommy or daddy to play with them.

This means they don’t get much work done as they would in an office setting.

These younger parents have gone back to work to take care of their work responsibilities and get some freedom to be a working adult.

Covid19 has come with a super bang so it has been in the best interest of the country to shut down a plethora of public operations.

Nevertheless, I truly believe this outbreak will be a catalyst for positive change.

I believe it will benefit the work at home community, including Virtual Assistants. Whereas, companies didn’t realize they needed virtual assistants, but now is the time for them to have an open mind. VA’s are the perfect people to get extra work done.

Maybe those young moms will see the benefit in passing off some of their daunting tasks to VA’s all across the world.

Now, Companies may be able to restructure their organization to accommodate their employees. This could very well be a WIN WIN situation.

Sometimes a forced situation can bring about a positive change.

Working remotely becomes an immediate response to a serious pandemic.

This means that everyone will need to take a proactive stance and become a bit more flexible to working outside of the normal office setting.

COVID-19 cases appears to be expanding exponentially

This takes us to our next point. We suggest you keep your day job, but work on a side hustle while you are already working at home for the next few weeks.

This negative can be turned into a positive. Be open for change. This can be a good thing if you allow it.

Here is a list of jobs you can do while at home.

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