Wendi Motte

Teen Guest Writer
Teen Guest Writer

Wendi Motte is a Moms on the Go guest writer for our Teens Division.  Wendi has her own blog that’s developing rapidly due to the high demand for people wanting to know more about how to deal with curly hair issues.  Wendi is a talented actress, dancer, and model. She is currently homeschooled due to her acting career.  Her latest movie is entitled “Zeroes 2.”  It’s about a group of teens that have banned together to put a stops to bullying in their school.  The Zeroes 2 sequel focuses on Cyberbullying.  If you would like to help Wendi out and donate to her new “To Be Released” Feature Film – THE ZEROES 2 she would most graciously appreciate it.

Wendi has naturally curly hair so she created a blog that’s been a work in progress, as most blogs are, for a few years now.  She loves learning and trying new things with her hair, including having it straight.

We chose Wendi to be one of our Teen Bloggers because she understands what it takes to be successful at being a model, dancer, and actor.  She also understands what it’s like being a teen and to have curly hair that needs to be tamed at all times.

Please feel free to be nice and comment on Wendi’s articles, along with any other articles from our blog.

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