Checkout 51 App Review

Checkout 51 is one of my favorite money saving apps.  Shop for groceries and earn cash back by saving on the brands you already LOVE.

  1. Browse offers before you head to the store
  2. Select products purchased
  3. Upload your receipt
  4. Wait to receive product approval
  5. Earn cash back

Frequent Questions:

How often are the items updated or added ?

  • Every Wednesday there are some new items added

How do I get my earned cash?

  • You can cash out your account once you have met the minimum $20 threshold limit.
  • Look on the emails for the CASH out LINK that’s sent from the company

How long does it take for the receipts to be approved?

  • they are proved immediately as long as all pertinent information is included in the scanned receipt

What information do I need to capture on the receipt?

  • Store name or logo
  • Date
  • Total
  • The entire receipt from top to bottom  (you may take multiple photos)


If you like this app or have any questions please comment below.  We love hearing from you.


Visit the website for Checkout 51

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  1. This is great! Love money saving tips!

    1. Thank you Ipuna =D appreciate you taking time to comment. Have a great weekend.

      1. Have a great weekend as well!!!

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