Calculating College GPA

There are times throughout your high school and/or college career that you will want or need to calculate your GPA.  Moms on the Go will be delivering your awesome methods to assist you and your child with your college career path.



Calculating your GPA is straightforward, simply enter in the number of credits you have received and the calculator will automatically calculate your GPA for you.

Improving your GPA can be done by organizing your study, taking solid notes, doing pre-course work, going the extra mile on weekends, doing extra credit, attending all of your classes, eating well and getting a good night’s sleep (>8hrs). This may sound like hard work but your GPA can and will affect your future. If you are having trouble with the class material, ask the teacher, professor or teaching assistant for help. This seems simple but so many students feel embarrassed and never get the help they need. This will save you precious study time, and show the faculty how determined you are to do well.  (GPA CALCULATOR)

It’s a great idea to start staying on top of your college planning career.  You and your child will need the highest GPA possible so that you can obtain the most scholarships and benefits allowable.

Start your planning as early as middle school.  It’s never to early to be prepared because this road is a long tedious one.


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