From Me to We: A Premarital Guide for the Bride- and Groom-to-Be – “When you Harbor bitterness in your heart, you will you willingly put yourself in your own created prison” an excerpt from this MUST READ book. Lucille Williams is a genius in my world. She has created this masterful work of art. Whether you are single, married, pre-marital, even someone who may be considering divorce, etc this book is for anyone who wants their relationship to succeed. I wish I had this book before I jumped the broom 20 years ago. I saw so many similarities in my life that lined up with Lucille ‘s world. She is very transparent. I knew God, but didn’t have that relationship with God to incorporate and get through tough situations. If you know someone who is in a relationship and thinking of taking it to the next level, then gift them this book. It’s a practical common sense approach to a successful union. Divorce is not an option. You will go through trials, you will get offended, but remember to take the advice of this author and realize this is not a ME situation it’s a WE situation. Now you have a tool that’s confirmed with the word of God to help you in your journey. Many blessings to a successful selfless marriage.


Walls Fall Down: 7 Steps from the Battle of Jericho to Overcome Any Challenge was written in historical fiction so the reader can feel as if they are right there in biblical times.  Author and Pastor Dudley Rutherford takes you back to the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  I’m not a person that understands and recount stories from the bible; however, Pastor Rutherford’s writing makes every word jump off the page and right into your mind.  I felt as if I were there walking around the Walls of Jericho with the hand-picked army. I felt as if were on the battlefield with Joshua and Caleb.  If you are going through a battle, then you WILL want to read this book. It will take you through a 7 day journey that will assist you in shrinking your problems down to nothing.



Praying Circles Around the Lives of Your Children Based on his New York Times bestseller, Praying in Circles,  written by Mark Batterson will help remind you that that, “You’ll never be the perfect parent; however, you can be a praying parent.”   This book is told through testimonies of other parents similar to you.   The author, Mark Batterson, shares five prayer circles that will not only show you how to pray for your kids, but also pray through your kids.





Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money Dave Ramsey is a well known financial expert and best-selling author.   Ramsey has written this book along with his daughter, Rachel Cruze.  This book will help equip parents in teaching their children how to win with money.  Learning how to manage money should start at an early age.  Smart Money Smart Kids starts with the basics from spending to saving, and giving. It also has an emphasis on avoiding debt and paying for college.  This book will help you and your kids change your families destiny.



The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman





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