Beware of Sliders at the Gas Pump

You’ve probably seen the signs at the gas pump that state “Lock it, hide it, Take your keys.”

There’s a new tactic that thieves are using to steal purses, valuables, and any other personal items while you are pumping gas.

Moms on the Go first heard of this new thievery trick from Click2Houston so we felt it was imperative to rebroadcast this out to everyone.

These crooks are preying on unsuspecting people.  Please forward to everyone you know.

Two Steps taken by the ‘Sliders’ to steal your possessions:

  1. While you are putting gas in your car, the thief and their sidekick will drive around next to your passenger side very slowly, just as if they are getting gas too.
  2. Next, they will slowly stoop down to the height of your door and open the passenger door quietly and grab your purse or bag off the passenger seat and then slowly drive off.

Before you notice anything, within seconds, your purse and belongings are long gone.

Check out this video courtesy of Click2Houston:


This can happen to anyone; not just women.

Beware. Forward this to as many people as possible.  Don’t be the next victim.  You’ve been warned.

Peace and blessings

Moms on the Go

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