Arrested for Prescribed Meds

I’m so happy I stayed up to watch the news tonight.

Isiah Carey on Fox26 news interviewed a man who was recently arrested and charged with having prescription meds in his vehicle.

This sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I thought, but I’m so glad I heard this story so I can change my habits and perhaps help someone else in the process.

I’m sure most of you may be similar to me in the sense that I choose to carry around a weekly pill container which holds my meds, Instead of carrying around a bunch of pill bottles.

Get this– it is illegal to carry around pills that are not in the prescribed medicine bottle bottle. It doesn’t matter whether it’s over the counter (OTC) or prescribed, you need to carry all meds in its original container.

The young man on the news was arrested for carrying around some antibiotic pills.

He had to pay $1k’s to be bailed out of jail and even more money to obtain a lawyer to clear the charges.

Unfortunately, he may always have a record. Once you’re booked at the jail, that photo doesn’t go away.

I’m pretty sure this could have been avoided. The arresting officer was seen by the young man searching through Google to see what type of pill the man had on him. Allegedly, the officer found out the meds were prescription pills, but arrested the man anyway.

Here’s a word to the wise.

Only keep your weekly medicine containers in your house. If you are traveling outside of your home and you need your medicine, then you must keep them in the original bottles from the pharmacy.

Thank you to Fox26 and Isaiah Carey (2/5/19) for reporting on this, otherwise, I would have never known this was illegal.

You can watch Isaih Carey on FOX26 at 10:30 on The Isaih Factor.

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