What a key to contentment.  Mankind works for it, longs for it, even steals for it; yet it’s available to you all the time.  Appreciating is valuing what is considered commonplace.  It is enjoying what you already have, who or where you already are.  Appreciating grows the value of things simply by being thankful.  It sees gems where others see rocks.  It looks for something to be grateful about.  Appreciating tells a friend the value you see in them; before they see it in themselves.  “I sure appreciate you” is one of the best compliments that can be paid.  Appreciating chooses to be glad for what is, instead of grumbling about what isn’t.  Life is sugar and molasses if you appreciate it, salt and black pepper if you don’t.

Appreciating looks for the positives everywhere it goes.  Even hard, negative experiences can be appreciated when there was something learned.  Appreciating seeks hope.  It looks for the good and extinguishes the bad.  It is thankful for the little and even more grateful for the big. Appreciating has two mortal enemies.  Entitlement and self-pity.  These try to find happiness in themselves and only come up empty.  Appreciating is a choice behind every situation, every thought.  A bird’s song can be your melody in the morning.  Your next breath can be a gift.  Having both arms and legs is a dream for someone I know.

Appreciating is the high road of an outlook.  It takes for granted nothing.  It makes life an adventurous journey through the unknown; tailor-made for its growth.  Appreciating sees what pessimism is blind to.  It smiles at life’s quirks.  It grows what it knows.

Appreciating can see what’s right and wrong with it, while grumbling is limited to what’s wrong with it.  Appreciating is taking what life has dealt you and playing each card to honor yourself, God, and those around you.

To get more out of lie, appreciate more of it.

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