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Quvenzhané Wallis, stars in this movie as a foster child living with other foster children. Cameron Diaz plays Miss Hannigan, the head of the foster home.  Miss Hannigan, played by Diaz, seems to only care about the $147 a week she receives from the government to house the orphans until the end of the movie—no spoilers here.

The movie opens up with a classroom setting of a little red haired girl who is also named Annie, but Miss Wallis is Annie B.

Wallis is the first Annie to bring a new perspective to this 2014 role.  Wallis takes control of the classroom scene by using her unmistakable charm.
Annie’s signature ballad “Tomorrow” is sung with conviction from an innocent child’s perspective of how life can hand you lemons , but you must have a fresh attitude and make lemonade.  Annie has one goal in mind and that’s to locate her real parents. There’s no giving up hope with this little girl. She is determined.

Jamie Foxx’s performance as the rich Will Stacks, which was originally Daddy Warbucks, (ANNIE – SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY EDITION) was phenomenal. We loved his interaction with Wallis. It really melted our heart to see him being so engaged and loving his role.

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Annie is a great family movie and I believe it will do all of us some good to go out and support this movie musical.

People must change with the times. We are way beyond the color line. Our very own guest writer, Wendi Motte, stared in a stage play as, “Helen Keller.” So, if Hollywood is going to continue remaking old movies then let’s make them more colorful.


Wendi Motte, as Helen Keller Sandra Thigpen-Ferrari, as Anne Sullivan








We would also like to recognize Overbrook Entertainment as the production company, which is owned by Will and Jada Smith.

Big props to Jay-Z for producing this film as well.

Go see Annie in theaters today and let us know what you think.


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