Air Fryer Crispy Bacon

Air fryer bacon is Everything? Click my video below and I will show you exactly how to cook the best tasting bacon in the air fryer.

Did I already tell you that Air Fryer bacon is the easiest and most delicious bacon ever?

I love to eat bacon, but I don’t eat it much because it’s not good for me or you. We are getting older people; therefore, tastes are not always priority.

Nevertheless, it is so very yummy.

After you try this method for cooking bacon, you may never stand over a hot stove, while getting popped with bacon grease ever again.

This will be a new THING  

Why you ask? Because it is much easier and less messy than stove top cooking. It is a definite Set it and forget it method.

Enjoy and please drop us a note below and let us know what you think of your new method of air frying bacon.

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