A back up plan for mobile phone numbers

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Back up plans might be a good idea.  Mobile technology is a plus when everything is in order as planned.  However, a while back I dropped my cell phones, yep I said cell phones and that’s 2, in dish water.  I was in a hurry to leave out of my house and I accidentally dropped them both in the dish water.

UGH ! ! I lost every contact, address, email, fax, and text message that I had.

One phone was an Android and one was an iPhone.  Luckily my iPhone could be backed up with ICLOUD.  The Android wasn’t as easy because there wasn’t a back up method except for Google, but I still lost everything.  Obviously, I didn’t connect everything the right way in google.

Nevertheless, here is my New Little Black Book of Addresses that I purchased.  I believe cell phones are good to keep all of your information, but what if one day one of the following happened:

  • Got Lost
  • Got stolen
  • Got dropped in water
  • Got misplaced

If any of the above happened you would be lost.  Here is your back up plan. Order your very own little black book today and don’t get caught off guard.

As you can see, it fits perfectly inside a purse.

Do you have a back up plan?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.  Did you buy my exact Little Black Book of Addresses? If so, let us know how things worked for you.


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