7 ways to catch a cheater

You’ve been in a somewhat committed relationship, but things seem a bit sketchy at times.

The two of you may not have verbally agreed to be committed to one another, but dang, isnt it understood?

You are in love, but you’ve been here before ‘de ja vu.”

Women don’t normally find themselves snooping unless a man has given them reason to become a private investigator.

We do have “woman’s intuition,” and that alone is our knower, telling us something isn’t right.

Does your significant other do any of the following questionable habits:

  1. Come home smelling better than he did when left for work?
  2. Come home late from work on a frequent basis.
  3. Come home with makeup or lipstick on his shirt?
  4. Withdrawing cash often from your bank account.
  5. Have his own bank account and you don’t have access to the account.

Have you noticed at least 2 of the five behaviors from your significant other? If so, you may want to snoop a bit.

Yeah, I hear you saying,

  1. “I trust my man.”
  2. ” My man would never do that to me.”
  3. “My man loves me too much.”

Ok Miss “My man would never… ” if you sense something is wrong, then something is wrong. Don’t play the fool, and don’t allow him to think he’s getting one over one you.

READER BEWARE: when you snoop, you’ll probably find something.

If you aren’t mentally ready to go to war in your relationship, you may not want to venture in this direction.

Even though you THINK your spouse or significant other may be up to something, he probably is.

Remember, Women have that special “knower” called women’s intuition, and as we all know, it’s usually on–point.

Reminder: what’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light

Moving forward, here are five ways to catch a cheater.

  1. Check his cell phone bill for consistent numbers at hours that he should be at work.
  2. Secretly put a tracker in his vehicle
  3. Hug and kiss him when he walks in the door from work. You are looking for unusual smells. He should not smell fresh and clean after an 8 hour days work.
  4. Check his bank account for charges that shouldn’t be there. Yes, get access to that account.
  5. Be a nice spouse and take his clothes to the cleaners. Look and smell before you drop them off. You’re looking for smudges of makeup or lipstick. Trifeling women love to leave their mark.
  6. Check his wallet for receipts
  7. Check his vehicle for receipts.

We hope you don’t find anything, but if you’re having to do any of these, most likely your man is not being smart or safe.

No one ever likes to snoop and no one likes being cheated on. However, sometimes it’s necessary to open that secret door.

This could mean your relationship is over.

You can expose the darkness by bringing things to the light and then move forward in your journey. Whether you decide to forgive him or not is totally up to you and your God. It’s nobody’s business but yours.

Do I think people can change? Yes, I do. However, they must seek help for their behavior. A simple, “I’m sorry baby I wont do it again will never work.” The core of the problem must be delt with accordingly.

Remember, his or her cheating is not your fault. It’s their problem. If you’re in a committed relationship, there is never an excuse to cheat.

Cowards break their vows and trust

Real men treat women with the respect they deserve.

We would love to hear how you have caught a cheater.

Do you think cheaters can change? If so, let’s discuss.

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