6 Innovative Side Hustles for 2020

As fast as 2019 came and went, we have approached another great and prosperous year 2020.

We hear a lot of our readers talk about starting a business, but they dont know where to begin.

Here are 6 side hustles you can start today.

Affiliate Programs

An Affiliate is someone who receives monetary commission from product and/or services promotion via their own websites or blogs. Affiliate programs ate FREE to join. You choose the product or service that you want to market. Once the campaign reaches their paying customers, the company will give you a percentage of any commissions brought in from your sites. The companies will provide you with a special link that will allow the tracking of any sales via your provided link. This is one of the best methods of making a side income with not much effort.

Product Reviews

Most companies that sells a product or service will be looking to acquire feedback on their products and services. Sometimes you will se these people standing around in the mall with a clipboard trying to ask you questions. No need to stand around in a mall or outside when you can do this from your BIG comfy couch. You can offer your services to conduct interviews asking for product feedback.

Ride Share

We all know about Uber and Lyft, we all have probably used it once or twice in our lives. This is a great side hustle because you can do it whenever you have free time. Even if you don’t have a car; you can use a bike, scooter, or even roller skates to do UberEats deliveries. You can earn extra coin, literally whenever you feel like it, because you get to set your own hours with these companies. Spruce your car up a little bit or slap on some skates, and rack up those extra tips!

Call center representative

Working at a call center as a customer service representative can be an awesome side hustle. You can build the part-time schedule around your week and you would mainly just be answering phone calls and dealing with customer questions during your shifts.

Companies that need call center reps

  • Turbo Tax

Personal Event Photographer

Got an eye for photography? This can be an amazing side hustle, if done correctly. Wedding photographers can make big money and it would only be a day or two out of your week to capture the most important day of some people’s lives. Graduations, birthdays, and other events can all call for a photographer and the payout can be worth a lot. 

House or Pet sitter

This is another side hustle where the people paying for this service are looking for reliable and trustworthy people to watch their property and take care of their things. I’m grouping this with Pet sitter because most people who need a house sitter probably have pets that need to be cared for as well. No one wants someone in their home that they feel uneasy about.

Sign up with a reputable company, and hang out in some cool houses while making easy money. You can also forgo some of the pet companies out there and start your own pet sitting business.

Personal Testimony: I signed up with a pet sitting company, paid the $25 for a background check and to this very day, I have not received one lead for a pet sitting job.

Gift wrapping service

This could be more of a seasonal side hustle. During Christmas time, everyone has gifts they need wrapped and not enough time to wrap it. Charge a reasonable price and you could get a ton of business coming in from people who either don’t know how to wrap gifts properly or who don’t have enough time. You can get a little creative here and make beautiful gift wrapping art and have people coming back for more in the next Christmas season, or during the year for other events that require wrapped gifts like birthdays, events that give away prizes, and much more.

Start a local newspaper blog

You can start writing a small newspaper on local events in your area. A lot of the money you have coming in can be from advertisements and since it’s your own newspaper, you can publish whatever you want in it, as long as it follows newspaper publication regulations. (That means no fake news stories or defamation of individuals).

Pet sitter

Do you love pets? Use some of that free time you have to take care of some awesome pets. There are a lot of people out there that get pets but don’t have enough time to do everything that goes along with having a pet. Being a dog walker can bring in a lot of money from the people who just don’t have the time to walk their precious pets. People go out of town all the time and it’s better for the pet and for the owners wallet if they hire a pet sitter to come to their home to take care of their beloved pet versus sending them to a place to be boarded for a certain amount of time. Spend some time with some cool animals and make bank doing it!

Personal Testimony: I took my pooch to the boarder and she ended up getting kennel cough, which ended up costing me more money because we had to take her to the vet. The pet boarder didn’t care that our pup got sick from one of the other pets. They only made excuses.

There you have it! A detailed list of excellent side hustle ideas you can try out and feel good about doing. While some of these take a little more commitment and time than others, every hustle on this list can be incredible in building new skills you never thought to exercise, or open you up to things you would have never thought to try. I hope you find a side hustle that fits into your schedule.

Good luck and happy money making ! 

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