5 ways to Raise Good kids in a crazy world

The year is 2018 and the time is super crazy. We are living in a chaotic time. We have a leader, President Donald Trump, of the free world that says anything unfiltereed that flows from his lips.

Loose lips sink ships

Do you feel like this ship is sinking quickly? I know I do.

Sometimes I feel numb and not in control. I’ve never felt this nervous and anxious about life like I do now. I fear for my kids future.

Are you trekking with me?

As I’m typing this post, I’m feeling anxiety. So many people are taking prescription drugs to reduce worry and anxiety.

Unfortunately, we have NO CONTROL over what’s happening in this sicken society.

5 ways to raise good kids in a crazy world

  1. Teach them life skills while they are toddlers. You are their first teacher. There are many ways to help a toddler learn life lessons. Spend time playing with them and get down on their level to show them good things of this world.
  2. Read with them. Learning is one major key to life. Reading will allow them to excel in life while broadening their minds. Read positive books. Don’t allow them to pick up a book about bad people killing each other 0and monsters, not right now. The younger you start getting something positive into their heads, the better off they will become.
  3. Take charge – BE A PARENT. The definition of parent is the warmth and attention to raise or rear a child.

To rear is : “bring up and care for (a child) until they are fully grown, especially in a particular manner or place.

Did you get that definition? Until they are fully grown? This means they are YOUR responsibility until they are fully grown. So, any action or miss-step falls back on YOU.

4. Love them immensely, but carry a big stick. Remember the quote from former President Theodore Roosevelt ?

“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”

This adage should still reign today (and it does in my home) . So, what does this mean exactly:

A proverb advising the tactic of caution and non-aggression, backed up by the ability to carry out violent action if required.

In other words, show interest, love, & affection, but be known for and willing to spank that butt when necessary.

It is of my opinion that kids need stern discipline. If they are allowed to do as they are pleased, they will grow up thinking such and that’s not the way life happens.

You are doing your child a huge disservice by not handling your business at home.

5. Lastly, find a good church home and take them with you. We need to bring back the word of God and morals in this country. People don’t have anything worthy of their belief these days.

There’s no HOPE anymore. How can any human survive without FAITH in something greater than themselves. The right Church will teach them these things.

You say you don’t believe and you don’t attend a church.

I get it, but the reality is that you should because we are living in a fallen world with a bunch of sick individuals causing havoc every day.

I can almost guarantee these people have NO HOPE OR FAITH in anything greater than themselves. When you are sick and lost you are sad and angry.

This type of depression causes multiple problems.

Why is it that so many individuals are choosing to pick up guns and kill innocent people?

Look into their childhood. See what led them to these devastating acts that will put their names in the history books.

They know what they’re doing. They aren’t stupid.

Yes parents, you are partially to blame.

We raised these kids to be the people they are today. Yes, they will make their own life decisions, but what was their foundation growing up?

Foundation: a basis upon which something stands or is supported

Have you built your family to stand on a firm foundation?

This list is definitely inconclusive, but it’s a grand start. Start while they are young, then you will have developed a recipe for success.

Raising children isn’t for the weak.

Unfortunately, most families don’t stay in tact these days, but nevertheless, you can still rule with a sturdy hand. Be tough, but show love and concern for every aspect of their lives.

Children need discipline. Never leave them to their own devices.

If you start with our suggestions, it’s my belief, you will have attempted to raise a successful adult that will contribute to our society in positive ways.

Matthew 7:15-20 -” let them be known by their fruits.”

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