5 ways to prevent car jacking

Car jacking has become extremely prevalent in certain metropolitan areas. Turn on your local news station and you are bound to hear of at least one in a weeks time

What is carjacking ? the action of violently stealing an occupied vehicle (car, van, or truck).

Yes, I said VIOLENTLY. This usually means the assailant will approach you with a weapon. The weapon most widely used in a carjacking crime is a gun. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people with guns. Most criminals use deadily force of a gun because they need a vehicle to get away quickly. It’s quicker to take a car that’s already occupied than to steal a car with no occupant. It’s a lazy man’s crime. People that carjack have no remorse. They can and will shoot you faster because they need a quick get away and they don’t need anyone getting in their way.

5 ways to help prevent become the victim of a carjacking:

  1. Stay alert ! Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  2. Don’t sit in your car looking at your cell phone. Stay alert.
  3. Park in well lit high traffic areas.
  4. Keep keys in hand and fingers on the panic button while walking to ypur car.
  5. Keep ALL doors locked at all times.

Don’t give the thief any extra reason to hurt or kill you. If you are caught in the crossfire of a carjacking, think and move fast because these criminals are serious. They are criminals with a previous record and are looking for a way to get quickly down the road. Stay safe and be smart. You can always get another car. You can’t get another you.

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