5 Affluent Mom Blogs and how much they earn

Are you possibly interested in kick starting a mom your very own FREELANCE blog or vlog.  Blogs are all the rage and you can start your successful blog today.  Starting a blog is much easier than you think.  It only takes a few steps and you can do it free of charge today.     The only investment you truly need right now is your WILL.  You must have WILL and IDEAS.  

You will never know if you can be successful at this freelance gig unless you give blogging a try! BUT, you have to really go all in and try to make it work. It is POSSIBLE for mom blogs to earn money.

We have read success story after success story.Today, I want to share with you 5 mommy blogs that are generating mega income.

This list is nowhere conclusive.

There a a lot of bloggers making big time bank and we will discuss more about them later.

My goal is to inspire you and let you know that if they can do it, you can be a successful freelance blogger as well.

Have faith in yourself

5 Mom Blogs that make money blogging

  1. What Moms Love

Aly’s Blog, What Moms Love is a parenting blog typically focusing on Mom/Kids/Family. Aly and her team set out to give advice and helpful ideas to make busy moms lives easier!

Aly’s Blog has many different topics and each post that she makes are different and unique in their own way to provide more tips and products.Some would say that it is like a “Mom Blog on steroids!” this blog started with ONE mama and has grown to a high magnitude.

What Moms Love Blog earns $30,000/Month Highest earnings to lowest

  • Sponsored Content
  • Ads
  • Amazon affiliate marketing

2. Swaddles n Bottles
What I like about her new baby blog is that the content is authentic and personal. She shares stories of her own pregnancy and of motherhood. If you are a new mom or looking for advice Caroline’s blog is perfect for you.

Swaddles n Bottles earns $9,000/Month Income sources highest to lowest

  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts

3.This Tiny Blue House
Jenny’s This Tiny Blue House is GREAT! Its a living lifestyle blog, BUT she has so many different amazing posts the best crafts, holiday ideas, and even recipes!
What I like most about her blog is that it is a lifestyle living blog that helps people save money.

Jenny is also making money while having fun blogging.If you are interested in doing blogs with multi-topics, breaking your blog up with specific categories it will be helpful to your audience and this is a great one to model by example.

This Tiny Blue House earns $4,000/month
Income sources highest to lowest

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Affiliate marketing

4. Coffee and Coos
Alexandria’s Blog Coffee and Coos, is a pregnancy and motherhood Blog!Alexandria has AMAZING life hacks and also lets her readers in on what its REALLY like during your first trimester of pregnancy and as a newly pregnant mom,Plus don’t you just LOVE her blog name?

Coffee and Coos earns about $4,000/Monthly Income Sources Highest earnings to Lowest

  • Ads
  • Amazon Affiliate marketing
  • Service – Based ( Virtual Assistant )
  • Affiliate products for moms

Also if you have free extra time in your busy schedule, offering a service niche is a quick way to start generating income from your blog!

5. Family Felicity
Brandi’s Blog Family Felicity, is a lifestyle blog, but she is working on turning it into a different angle to be more of a parenting and family blog.  She is a mom of three, she and her husband have been working from home from over 10 years!

Her blog is perfect for moms that are right in the middle of parenting toddlers and kids.  Her positive parenting tips are relatable to all moms. In this article, you will understand that even if you have a large audience you can still be able to connect with each and every one of them while also growing traffic to your blog and growing your income.

Family Felicity is earning $800/month Income from Highest to Lowest:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate for courses/programs
  • Amazon Affiliate marketing

This list is not conclusive. There are many more blogs on the internet that are successful and making a great income.

All of these bloggers are freelancers too.

Think about what you could start a blog about.

You could be the next big thing.

If you have any blog ideas that works for you, please share them with our community.

We would love to network with you.

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