Apps to Help teachers teach in the classroom

Teachers can capitalize on today’s technology by utilizing their iphones, androids, or ipads in the classroom.

Your school doesn’t have to be high tech to engage your students.  Teachers can get more creative worth their instruction by using some of  the apps we review into your daily instruction.

Best of all, the apps are Free to download.    These amazing classroom boosters are intended for teachers You don’t need a class set of netbooks or iPads to integrate technology into your daily instruction. There are some fantastic, free iPhone apps that are perfect for teachers who are looking to change up their daily routine.  These apps can make everyday tasks easier, simplify what you’re already doing, and maybe just inspire others to make an investment in technology at your school.  Even more so, you may inspire a new inventor in your classroom.

These apps can make everyday tasks easier while simplifying your current instruction; and assist teachers who are looking to change up their daily classroom routine.  We are hoping the apps discussed will inspire your students  to make an investment and perhaps embrace technology.

1. Groovy Grader App

Have you used an app that you’ve found helpful in your classroom or homeschool? We’d Love to hear from you below.


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