3 sure fire ways you need to start snooping in a relationship?

Relationships are sometimes complicated for various reasons.

Whether you are dating or married, no one should be compelled to become a snoop.

So, when do you start snooping?

Here are 3 sure fire ways you need to start snooping immediately.

  1. When you smell or sense your significant other lying to you?
  2. When your significant other starts to do things out of the ordinary.
  3. When your significant other starts being really quit and to themselves.

So, now that you have the main 3 reasons. Let’s break each of them down.

The first one “sensing a lie.” This is a big one to me because it’s one of my pet peeves. I can’t stand a liar. A liar is a capable of just about anything. Lying is the root to something else very serious. People have different mannerisms when they start telling a lie.

Mannerisms of a lie about to manifest:

  • scratching their ear
  • Scratching the back of their neck
  • Stuttering
  • Changing the subject
  • Raising their voice tone
  • Lowering their tone

There’s probably many more, but these are sure signs of the birthing of a lie.

#2 – doing things out of the norm. This is an easy trap for men to fall into. Men dont normally realize their normal behavior, so they simply act THEIR normal. Most of them don’t know how to ward off different behavior to cover up a tale because they have simple boxed in lives. Everything in its box and nothing touching. So why wouldn’t 1+1 = 2 and 2+1=3? Its single math, right? However, as women we think in terms of THE BIG PICTURE, THE what IF scenarios. 1×1=1 and 2×1=2,& 2×3=6. For example, your significant other comes in and takes a detour down the hall and goes to the bathroom to take a shower when Normally, he stops in to say HELLO and give you a kiss on the cheek. That’s not normal, right ? RIGHT. Start putting your radar on. Dont start accusing just yet, just out it in your bank and keep watching. He will slip up very soon.

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