12 SMART ways to find HOT Topics for your blog in 2020

Blogging can be fulfilling and fun at the same time. However, when you can’t think of anything to write, it’s not so fun.

There are websites and blogs about everything under the sun, but nothing’s is more rewarding than writing your own way.

Anyone who decides to focus on writing and providing good content can build an online audience very fast.

Everyone has information that someone cares about. Yes, you too. Everyone has information that SOMEONE needs.

Nevertheless, knowing exactly what to blog about isn’t always an easy feat.

Don’t know what topic to start your blog on? 

Here are 12 blog topic ideas to get you thinking about what you can blog about.

  1. Google anything of interest to you
  2. – make a list of keywords and search for those words in a question for. Ask, how, when, where , what just like when you were in school.
  3. Quora Search using the same keywords
  4. Trending hashtags
  5. Amazon is always your best friend. Search for an ebook in your niche and open the contents find info within the TOC
  6. Ask your Readers what they want to see.
  7. Snoop on your competitors, look for comments, and questions their readers may not have received an answer to
  8. Subscribe to HARO. There are a plethora of topics that need to be written.
  9. Create sub Topics from your other blog posts. There’s always a sub topic or two in other blog posts
  10. Offline. Yes. Don’t forget about offline books or magazines. They may help jog your memory on topics.
  11. Interviews– contact experts in your niche and ask for a video, written, or verbal interview
  12. Old Posts # use your older good performing posts. Rewrite and republish.

You can have a whole Writing frenzy with all of these 12 ideas.

The ideas are separated into 12 topics, but you may be able to make subtopics out of each topic.


  1. Trending Hashtags – Find subtopics under each hashtag. Example.if you are looking to write about lipstick. Break that topic down further by looking for brands, matte, gloss, or combination.

Most importantly above all else, Start writing. The best thing to do is to just start. If you start, then everything else will flow through you.

You might be surprised how much you have to say and write if only you’d stop being afraid of the unknown.

Are there any items that we missed? Help us out. Comment below with any suggestions.

Happy Writing Mon Ami (my friends in French)