10 ways to stay healthy and germ free

Healthy and Germ Free

We encounter millions and billions of germs every day.  We can’t get away from those pesky germs.  We have come to realize that we can’t stay in a bubble all of our lives; therefore, we must do something to help combat sicknesses that germs can cause.

Germs are located on everything.  Have you ever thought about walking outside every day on the ground where people spit and do other unmentionables?  Then what do we do?  We walk into our homes with our shoes on and we bring those germs into our personal space.  YUCK !

Here’s a few reminders about keeping germs away:

  1. Never touch door handles in public places
  2. Never sit on the toilet in public places
  3. Always take off the first layer of toilet paper in public bathrooms
  4. Don’t touch the Toilet lever (the flusher) with your bare hands
  5. Don’t turn off the water with you clean hands (use a paper towel or your wrist)
  6.  Don’t touch the railings of a public stair case while walking up or down
  7.  Don’t touch the railings of the escalator in the malls
  8.  Don’t set your purse down on any floor
  9.  Keep a small bottle of Germ-X Antibacterial Wipes in your purse or vehicle
  10. Always wash your hands upon entering your home

This is just a few simple reminders that may help keep your family out of the doctors office.

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