10 Ways to serve other people

In a world with an abundance of turmoil and harshness, we need to find a reason to care. It’s not difficult to help someone daily. Helping others will free your soul. It makes us feel good when we help other people. Think about it, does it make you feel good when you help someone?

10 Ways to Serve other people

  1. Re-gift items you don’t use anymore. Someone else can use what’s sitting around collecting dust.
  2. Hold the door open for the person behind you. Be mindful of your surroundings. Man, women, or child, be kind.
  3. Help a mom you see struggling with small kids. Just ask, she may say No, but she will be delighted you cared.
  4. Pay for someone’s lunch or coffee. Pay it forward. I guarantee, it will come back to you. “You reap what you sow.” Plant seeds that will grow into a harvest.
  5. If you hear someone sneeze say, “bless you.” It may seem small, but it’s not. I think highly when anyone says bless you to me. “Wow, they really cared to take the time to consider my sneeze.” 😁 Sounds simple, but it’s BIG in my opinion.
  6. Put your loose change in a parking meter that’s about to expire.
  7. When you’re at the grocery store, let someone, with a few items. go in front of you. I do this all the time and people are so appreciative. Make someone smile today.
  8. If you see someone needing a few pennies to pay for their items, give it to them (if you have it) or have the cashier add it to your order.
  9. If you see small items on sale and you have the extra cash, buy it and give as a gift.
  10. Pray. This is totally free. If you pray, find out someone’s need, and simply pray God’s will over their situation. Prayer means a lot to someone going through difficult times. You are exercising your faith and you are extending it to them in their time of need. Everyone is weak at some point in their lives. In their weakness, you can be their strength. Don’t say you are going to pray, then you don’t. Just do it. It only takes a few seconds to say, “God, please heal or guide <insert name>, you know their situation. Please help them. Let your will be done. Thank you.”


Smile at everyone. If you get in an elevator, don’t put your head down or start texting on your phone. Make eye contact with at least one person and smile and/or say hello. I’ll bet when you smile, they will smile.

You see, if we learn how to step away from our me, me, me mentality, the world would be a better place. Statistics show people feel happier when they are serving/helping others. When you serve others, blessings come back to you.

Some call it Karma, I call it favor and grace commands a blessing. Blessings follow blessings. You bless, then you will be blessed.

What have you done to serve someone? How were you blessed from helping someone else?

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