10 Tips for your Cruise vacation

Who doesn’t enjoy taking a wonderful relaxing cruise? Our family recently took a 4 day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico.  Our cruise was for my class reunion,  as well as our Anniversary celebration.  We had a lot of fun.  We learned a lot while on this cruise.

Carnival Liberty

Don’t say I didn’t tell you tips:

  1. Get a good booking agent.  They will be the key to a stress free cruise vacation.
  2. Get Priority boarding.  This allows you to bypass everyone in line and get on the  cruise ship faster than anyone else. Trust me, this steps is Golden
  3. Only get 1 onboarding card. You won’t be allowed to pay any incidentals with cash. You will be asked to put a credit card on file at check-in.  If you have more than 1 card, you can be charged double dining fees on each card.
  4. Try to eat most of your meals at the buffets,  otherwise you will be charged per person each time you eat in the dining area.(nightly sit down dinners are included in your fare) If you go to any dining room outside of your nightly dinner, this is where the extra charges/fees will come in.  Note:  gratuity is charged to your room for all nightly dinners.  If you order anything extra at the nightly dinner, it will be added to your room charge so ask before agreeing to anything extra.
  5. Be on time when you eat in the dining rooms. You should have assigned tables and your waiter will be waiting for you. They should know you by name.
  6. Check your onboarding card balance at the machines throughout your stay.  On the final day, check to ensure the charges are accurate.
  7. Take an extension cord with you. They’re only a couple outlets so you may need this.
  8. Take extra shampoo & soap
  9. Label your luggage and pack extra tags for the trip home
  10. If there are any discrepancies in charges,  notify the staff immediately. If you get home and notice any questionable charges, call the number on the back of your onboarding card. They will glady remove them.

Enjoy your cruise.  Talk to other tourists. They will gladly share information.

We will be back with more cruise and traveling tips.

Do you have any cruise tips that you learned the hard way? Let us know.

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6 Replies to “10 Tips for your Cruise vacation”

  1. I have never been on a cruise, maybe one day. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. Yes. If you have s bucket list or vision board, add a cruise to it. I’ve only been on 2, but I’ve enjoyed them both. First cruise was my honeymoon, we went to The Bahamas. 😁

  2. Perfect timing! We are looking to book a cruise over winter break. Thanks for the tips! I didn’t know about the 1 onboarding card. Also, I thought the sit down dining was included in your cruise fee? Just double checking. Thanks!

    1. Awesome. I’ve been on two cruises and we’ve enjoyed both. Well, on our cruise to Cozumel, the sit down nightly dinner IS included, but not when you go to the dining area for breakfast, lunch, or dinner instead of the buffet. Does that make sense? Yes, you are right about the nightly dinner. Any other sit down dining will have an extra fee. I wasn’t aware until they charged our room/onboarding cards. Not just my hubby’s card, but my card too. Ugh. So, try to use 1 credit card or you will be double charged.

      1. Very good to know. Thank you for the tips! I’ll pay attention when we book or trip!

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